Retail experience reimagined

Re-think team collaboration, safety and customer experience amidst disruption

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In a world where customers are savvy and well-researched before making a purchase, brand loyalty is on the decline. With the ongoing pandemic challenges, shoppers are also making less trips but higher average transactions.

For retailers with in-store operations, continual experience innovation and in-store safety are key to attracting new shoppers, staying relevant and retaining their customer base.

In-store team communication and collaboration capabilities can help retailers create and further positive shopping experiences that are essential to keep customers coming back.


Safe & enjoyable shopping experiences

When used in combination with in-store surveillance cameras, access control and security teams, body-worn cameras can help deter threats, assaults or verbal abuses from happening. This leads to safer experiences for shoppers, front-line or customer- servicing employees. And an enjoyable experience for all.

Pushing back against worrying social behaviour is possible.

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Human interaction on-demand, from any location

Get ready to build multi-channel experiences for shoppers walking into your stores. With call-boxes placed at strategic locations, customer-service agents & operations teams armed with always-on communications devices can deliver the on-demand “human touch” element that customers expect.

For customer-facing employees, the integrated system allows them to get help with products they are not familiar, the ability to check inventory, offer alternatives or even escalate requests more quickly to related teams.

Overall, achieving superior and resilient customer experience is possible. And for employees, it fosters stronger team cammaderie.

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